Briggs and Forrester achieves BIM Level 2 verification

Company focus on BIM recognised through Level 2 verification

BIM Level 2 verification

Briggs and Forrester Group has recently achieved verification for Level 2 BIM (Building Information Modelling), delivering projects as a Tier 2 Contractor.

BIM is the generation and management of digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of a project. Information is created through the collaborative efforts of all team members working to predefined standards. Access to this information can be shared with all parties involved, promoting consistency, accuracy and reducing issues.

Having achieved Level 2 BIM verification, Briggs and Forrester is working to ensure that BIM continues to play an integral role in the delivery of projects. Our growing portfolio of experience can be used to achieve BSI Kite Mark accreditation in the future.

The Group is currently applying BIM Level 2 to projects including the creation of a new High Speed Rail College in Doncaster and has just completed the Blackdale student accommodation project at UEA.

Group Chief Executive Paul Burton said, “Briggs and Forrester Group is committed to remaining at the forefront of BIM. Greater co-ordination and collaboration helps to ensure improved efficiency and delivery, providing a positive impact on quality and production. We are focused on investment in the skills of our in-house teams and the provision of technology to support our client’s requirements.”